Under the “Lifestyle Produce!” concept, we develop businesses in Asia, mainly in Japan and China. Our businesses are concierge service targeting the wealthy class, coordination of weddings, anniversaries, company events, and MICE, sales of artworks and real estate, planning and development of hotels, restaurants, and spas, and mediation service of M&A.

Established : April 2013
Capital Stock : 900 million yen

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Hasei International Technology Co.,Ltd.



Born in Yokohama in 1973. After participating in wedding production projects at Yokohama’s wedding company, he went to Italy in 2000. He studied under Carlo Giorgi, an Italian photographer, in Florence and worked as a wedding photographer for Italian, American, British, Russian, Indian, and many other couples worldwide. From this work experience, he gained the feeling of the party culture of the West. In 2002, he started an Italian wedding business. Starting with “IL BORRO,” a winery resort revived by the brand Salvatore Ferragamo, the weddings took place in Lake Como, Venice, Portofino, and Amalfi. In Sicily, the shooting places of masterpiece movies, such as “The Godfather,” “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso,” and “Le Grand Bleu,” also became the wedding locations. After 2004, he expanded the business to China and produced weddings and events at luxury hotels throughout China. In 2008, he started management of wedding halls based in Tokyo. Around 2,000 customized weddings were produced under specialized concepts, such as churches, airports, cruise ships, live music clubs, cinemas, and overseas (Italy, Hawaii, Thailand, Bali, China, and others). Currently, the business is based in Tokyo as a lifestyle producer. He started “ANNIVERSARY AGENT,” a concierge service for the wealthy-class men. He visits around 150 luxury hotels worldwide in a year and shares lifestyle information, mainly about marriage proposals and weddings, on his media, “Man Manages the Wedding.”



Develops services as a lifestyle concierge under the concept of “Anniversary of Memories and Records” and aims to become a lifelong supporter of customers from their marriage and the starting of a new life to their ending. We focus on the wealthy class as target customers and offer luxurious and exceptional content of “places, people, things, and events.”

Tokyo Tokyo Japan. Meetings & Events

Wedding Led by Men

We propose luxurious weddings abroad for the wealthy-class grooms. The ceremony will be a complete invitation style. The couple will invite 20 to 30 guests from their family members and friends, and the groom will pay all the fees, such as transportation and accommodation. It will be a time to make the bride’s dream come true and delight the guests with full hospitality. It is a plan to show the groom’s heart of “no gift money, only precious time from the guests.” The party can be held in luxurious hotels worldwide or even in unexplored regions, such as the jungles or a solitary island.


The wedding is not a day only for the bride! It is a wedding photo service where the groom can also be in the spotlight with a strong mind of “My Way” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Spirit.” The photographer and makeup artist are professionals, of course. We also think the groom’s outfit is important, so a top stylist from a major specialty store will join the team. Your style will be fascinating with a perfect match of sunglasses, a scarf, and accessories.

Sustainable OKINAWA

The word “sustainable” means humans and nature coexist and prosper together in a broad sense. This wedding plan takes place in Okinawa nature. Humans are constantly involved with someone in their lives. We offer weddings with gratitude for the miracles of nature and human relationships.


When the company or organization grows bigger and bigger, communicating casually with staff members becomes more difficult for the boss. And the chance to express gratitude to high achievers, customers, and clients tends to decrease. We will be like a competent secretary to produce and arrange special meetings, trips, and events for the busy BOSS to show appreciation.


There could be wedding anniversaries, birthdays, various memorial days, and maybe you need to send off someone departing this life. What is a true social contribution activity? Perhaps purchasing art or real estate can enrich your mind and life. We will think together, propose, and perform the new ideal way of the BOSS’ private things and events.


We support funding, business transfer, and acquisition (M&A) for managers of hotels, ryokans, and wedding halls. We also offer the service to match managers or management teams of Asian companies, investors, funds, real estate companies, and business firms, mainly in Japan and Greater China.